Can you imagine in the old times when splitting logs take half of your day to fill up your need for firewood? Not only does it take too much of your time, but it also exhausts your strength to the fullest. Good thing, the log or wood splitter has been introduced in the market now.

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What is a wood splitter? Simply put, it is a device used to split wood or logs. What is best with a wood log splitter is that it can be used in many ways :

  • First is for forestry. Instead of using the old axe for splitting wood or logs that came from dead trees, the log splitter is the newest alternative in town to make splitting easier and faster.
  • Second is the need of businesses in lumber and construction trade. General construction services are always in dire need for tools that could make their work speedier yet with the highest competency standard, which a wood splitter can definitely provide them. They use the splitter for works on wood flooring or parquet.
  • Third is its application at home or for personal use, as I mentioned earlier for firewood and other home improvement needs. Most of the time though, people who love to make do-it-yourself projects benefit a lot from a log splitter. It makes a convenient partner for them to complete projects faster.

Wood splitters varies. There is an electric wood splitter, vertical splitter, and the horizontal splitter. Against the standard log splitter, the electric splitter is definitely more proficient to use since it does not need to make use of an axe. The vertical splitter works on a vertical position specifically since it supplies a good support and control on how the wood is laid, which pertains to sloped locations. The horizontal splitter is for horizontal loads.

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However, there are precautionary rules and safety standards that every buyer or user should know prior to making use of a wood splitter, whether at home or at work. First is to know the protective gears required when using a splitter. These gears are gloves, eye goggles, long-sleeved shirt, long pants, and long hair pulled back. One should not opt to use any kind of loose clothing since this is not safe to use during the operation. If you can, using a helmet and a steel-tipped boots might help as well. The sharp blades of the splitter can also cause harm when not attended to properly. That is why proper maintenance is also required of this.

So how much is a wood splitter? They cost much; that is a fact. Even those second-hand splitters for sale are still priced dearly, because of its very practical and convenient usage. It’s like saying that your money is worth it when you buy one. Aside from its good usage, the tool becomes a form of a small-time investment for home and business owners. So you win some with its reliable usage, yet you do not lose some even while the splitter is used for a long time.


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